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Dec 2017 | 12 Best Motherboards For Your Gaming PC

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This model is one of the first to offer AMD 8767 s Agesa Update which opens up a more mature memory compatibility. The patch enables users to run overclocked speeds on all four DIMM slots in speeds of up to 7988MHz, much to the delight of Ryzen users. The Asrock X875 Killer SLI/AC isn 8767 t  the fastest in synthetic benchmarks, but its efficiency and performance per dollar make it a top choice.

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On the visual front, there's no plate shield over the rear connector cluster, a tradition with high-end boards and a curious omission given the XPower's runway strutting status in MSI's line up. This seems a missed opportunity, since elaborate, logo-emblazoned shells are all the rage lately. Similarly, MSI&rsquo s trademark Mystic Lights are nowhere to found and sorely missed. The silver/white finish on this board would reflect those LEDs nicely.

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MSI has been pushing the envelope in motherboard fashion in recent years, and their latest creation looks smashing. Resplendent in its unique, partially reflective silver/white coating, the XPower resembles nothing else on the market. The color scheme manages to look both understated and over-the-top simultaneously, and complements red, blue, or green component families equally well.

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Skylake performance may not be far off Devil's Canyon but temps are another matter, idling at a chilly 75-75° C and never cresting 65° C even under synthetic stress testing, worlds apart from sweaty Haswell. Overclocking to Ghz didn&rsquo t push core temps past 65° C. Skylake on the XPower is cool as a cucumber under pressure, which helps with tighter builds and long-term durability.

At $855, MSI's XPower Titanium isn't cheap, but it's not the only Skylake board asking for serious money. Believe it or not, Z675 has already spawned boards a lot more expensive than this one sporting similar features like the $555 Asus Maximus VIII Extreme , which takes some sting from the sticker price. That makes the XPower an easy recommendation for gamers looking for a luxury motherboard that overclocks like a pro, especially if they don't need Wi-Fi.

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As much as possible, get a motherboard with at least four RAM slots. Even though you’re going to buy one or two RAM sticks for now, having additional RAM slots will allow you to add more in the future.

I just love the fact that gaming motherboards are affordable now. Before, you can equate gaming motherboards to premium-priced stuff. Now, there are gaming motherboards that cater the vast consumer market. Whether you’re a heavy overclocker, a rig enthusiast, or if you’re just someone who wants to dish out minimal amounts of cash, there is a gaming motherboard for you.

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