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After the team finally vanquishes Apocalypse, this Nate took the Eye of Agamotto from Brother Voodoo and stole Apocalypse's armor in order to attempt to correct the timeline.


Pheromone Control: Stacy X is sensitive to pheromone emissions, she secretes her own pheromones upon skin-to-skin contact, allowing her to stimulate body functions in others to cause orgasms, vomiting, nausea, rectal malfunctions, etc. This power is seen to work much like Rogue 's absorption power, as seen when Radius ' force-field annulled her pheromone control. She is able to heal others by speeding up their healing process, and can increase their stamina so that they won't tire easily, giving her teammates rushes of adrenaline.

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As a solution, Tony sold the old Avengers Mansion to Cage for one dollar (which he had to borrow from Iron Fist), and Cage was allowed to operate his own independent Avengers team with minimal interference from the government. He, his wife Jessica, Iron Fist, and several other heroes soon moved into the mansion and set up shop. [86]

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Unfortunately, his performance was interrupted by a man called Jackknife. Jackknife had been one of the misfits with Abomination's crew, and had his psychic powers unlocked by Nate during Nate's battle with Abomination. Jackknife tried to kill Nate, blaming him for the voices in his head, but Nate managed to stop him. The police then arrived, trying to arrest Nate, but the crowd intervened on Nate's behalf.

When the New Mutants finally arrived in Helheim, the palace of Hel, they found they were too late for their original rescue mission. Having met up with Dani Moonstar the team discovered Hela, the queen of Hel, seemingly dead nailed to the roof. The New Mutants lowered Hela's body then stood watch awaiting the arrival of her killers, the Draumar. Nate stood watch alongside Sunspot, and confessed how useless he felt since losing control of his powers, admitting that he was just a burden upon the team. Sunspot then told Nate of a technique he used when first learning to use his own powers, suggesting that it may help Nate regain some control over his lost power.

Jessica and Cage are now the parents of an unnamed daughter and have gotten married. At the start of the Civil War Luke sent both Jessica and his daughter to Canada to avoid registration, though he himself refused to leave. . forces came to arrest him at the stroke of midnight despite not having used his powers since the Act went into effect, he fought his way to safety with the help of Captain America , the Falcon , and Iron Fist (posing as Daredevil), and was a dedicated member of Captain America's "Secret Avengers" until Cap's surrender to . authorities. [75]

Cage owns a leather jacket which is, like his skin, impervious to virtually any injury however, he wears it infrequently and is often left with shredded clothing in the wake of his adventures. [99]

Nate could also use his telekinesis to transport himself to any location and even into other dimensions by mentally bending the dimensional barriers that separate one reality from another. Nate was capable of very fine control over objects down to the molecular level. He could telekinetically move the chemicals in someone's brain around, disassemble complex devices explosively (separating every last component, such as screws, nuts, circuit boards, etc.), and just as quickly and easily assemble complex devices.

Back to their headquarters, Osborn briefed the Dark X-Men for X-Man, and gave an outline of his powers, abilities, and past history. He also expressed a view that X-Man could go toe to toe with the Sentry, something he (Osborn) labels as a sign of utmost importance, as to the power levels of a potential threat. Moreover, considering X-Man an omega level threat, and a dangerous extremist, he wished to capture, and place him within the Omega Machine. The Dark X-Men then headed towards the psi-division, to consult a team of psychics, in order to track X-Man once again.

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