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Thor's Hammer - Norse Mythology for Smart People

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For as long as Marvel published Conan comics, it's surprising that we didn't see more crossovers between Robert E. Howard's heroes and the Marvel Universe. But we did at least see a glimpse of the crossover opportunities with this issue of What If?

The Meaning of Thor's Hammer - Norse Mythology

Bor Burison (paternal grandfather)
Bestla (paternal grandmother, presumed deceased)
Mimir Burison (paternal great-uncle)
Odin Borson (father)
Gaea (mother/maternal step-grandmother)
Frigga (step-mother)
Cul , Vili , Ve (paternal uncles)
Nobilus , Ragnarok (clones)
Cronus , Demogorge (Atum) (maternal half-brothers)
Angela , Laussa (paternal half-sisters)
Balder , Hermod , Vidar (paternal half-brother), Tyr (paternal half-brother)
Loki Laufeyson (adoptive brother)
Hoder (paternal cousin)
Large extended family via Gaea , Loki Laufeyson and others

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As any Marvel fan can tell you by now, Thor's precious hammer Mjolnir was destroyed by Hela (Cate Blanchett) in Thor: Ragnarok. The Odinson's eye was also, shall we say, removed by his sister (the Odin daughter.?), but in a somewhat surprising move on Marvel's part, neither the eye nor the hammer were restored by the end of the film. Thor, as of now, is a one-eyed, hammer-less god.

In this hypothetical tale, Thor was transported back in time to the Hyborian Age. With no memory of his previous life, Thor fell in with Conan and began leading the life of a thief/reaver/slayer. Conan always was good at multitasking. Eventually, Conan's nemesis Thoth-Amon caught wind of the amazing weapon in Thor's possession and tried his best to harness Mjolnir's might for himself. In the aftermath of the battle, Thoth-Amon was burned to a crisp and Thor lay dying of his wounds. He passed Mjolnir onto Conan, making it probably the one time in Conan's career he happily dabbled in magic.

Awesome Andy began life as the Awesome Android, a robotic enforcer built by the Mad Thinker and capable of mimicking all sorts of superhuman powers. The Awesome Android was traditionally portrayed as a brainless construct. But when Dan Slott kicked off his She-Hulk run, he revamped the character into a bumbling but well-meaning legal assistant in the offices of Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzburg, & Holliway.

The craft was stationary, hovering well below the treetops near the crest of the ridge. The hard, mechanical precision of the luminous vehicle was in sharp contrast to the primitive ruggedness of the dark surroundings. Its edges were clearly defined. The golden machine was starkly outlined against the deepening blue of the clear evening sky.

Thor led an active, adventurous life in Asgard, doing battle with Frost Giants and other enemies of the Golden realm. Odin watched Thor become more and more arrogant, and sent him to Midgard several times to learn humility. Over the years, Odin grew increasingly dissatisfied with Thor's headstrong behavior and excessive pride. On one occasion Thor violated a truce between the Asgardians and the Frost Giants, thereby nearly starting another war. Finally, while Thor was engaged in a brawl in an Asgardian tavern, Odin summoned him to his presence. [89]

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