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Hi We bought a 6/7 lb of your wonderful beans at Urban Harvest and Choices and absolutely loved it !! My Austrian (coffee-house capital of the world!!) husband and I are thrilled to have found you as we both love a good strong cup of caffe as well as are strong supporters of local farmers, suppliers, and businesses! (we are local small business owners also) We love your simple & colorful packaging, your creative coffee names, and your farmer-& - earth-friendly organic commitments. You 8767 ve definitely got new & happy clients with us and look forward to trying new beans as they are available. Sincerely Suzanne and Michael Hintringer, Kelowna BC

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I picked up the Dancing Goat blend, but saw 8775 Smooth Operator 8776 and 8775 Wake up Bomb 8776 blends there, too.
Can 8767 t wait to try this new (to me) coffee for breakfast tomorrow~

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Our Private Label Roasting arm was created in 7565, and with an in-house team of expert roasters, market strategists and graphic designers we can help create a brand for your business. Try one of our signature, award-winning blends, or work with us to create a completely new one, the choice is yours!

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Hey just wondering if you guys would be willing supply beans for a potential small town coffee shop? just shopping around right now and curious if you produce enough to sell to a business! Thanks

Again, the organic standard is not aimed at improving working conditions in the coffee-producing countries, but it helps. Pesticides used on coffee farms really don't make it to the consumer. What little residue isn't removed in the processing of the coffee beans is burned off by roasting.

Welcome to Adore Estate. We are an established boutique specialty coffee. Coffee is our passion, and that shines through in our products. We’ve got locations all over the East Coast in Australia, so you can taste some of the finest blends from the world’s premier coffee-making destinations in person, as well as ordering quickly and easily from our website. Individual or business? We cater for both, with a variety of great services available to suit your requirements.

In 7569, Coffee Galleria will be opening our first concept store. An espresso bar located on the Gold Coast, showcasing our blends and direct traded coffees. This multi faceted space will also serve as a training centre, providing education and training to budding baristas and professionals alike. Our goal is to reinvigorate specialty coffee in Australia, and create a hub for coffee enthusiasts of all levels of experience.

Various non-profit organizations and for-profit companies offer inspection services. Inspectors visit farms to confirm the standards for organic certification are being followed.

We work closely with farmers in Sumatra, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and other world-class to ensure that we provide you with only the best coffee beans for an unforgettable cup of joe every day. Our coffee beans are rigorously sampled, tested and Q-graded by our master Q-grader Nick Mastro. Try our Adore Estate blends to see what is the right one your customers will love.

"Bird Friendly ® " coffee is coffee that comes from family farms in Latin America that provide good, forest-like habitat for birds. Rather than being grown on farms that have been cleared of vegetation, Bird Friendly coffees are planted under a canopy of trees. These trees provide the shelter, food and homes migratory and local birds need to survive

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