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Thor helped Iron Man, Ms. Marvel, Hawkeye, and Iron Man find Spider-Man and Captain America after the Serpent Society attacked them.

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Thor tried to convince Loki that his actions were madness, but Loki questioned if that was true and called Thor soft, noting he could have destroyed all the Frost Giants with his bare hands. When Loki went on to threaten to kill Jane Foster , the now enraged Thor flew forward and attacked Loki, as the pair exchanged blows with their weapons. Although Thor was clearly the stronger of the two, Loki resorted to his tricks to gain the upper hand during their battle.

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Having found the Key which Ultron would use to drop the city onto the Earth, Thor gathered with the rest of the Avengers to protect the key and ensure Ultron was unable to get close to it. As Ultron hovered above them, Thor roared at him, asking if this was the best he could do.

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While Thor was destined to become the King of Asgard , however, he eventually realized, that he couldn't actively protect the Nine Realms from the throne, and selflessly denied his birthright, even offering Mjølnir to (who he thought was) Odin. After helping the Avengers defeat Ultron , Thor temporarily left his friends, taking it upon himself to find the rest of the Infinity Stones and learn the identity of the ultimate enemy.

Fearing for her safety, Thor returned to Earth and then went to finally reunite with Jane Foster to ensure that she was okay. Using the information gathered, Thor knew that Foster was in London and soon found her, at which point Foster noticed a circle of rain around her then Thor appeared.

At the new Avengers facility, she was approached by Nick Fury who learned about a jet that crashed in the Pacific Ocean. She hoped Banner was okay and Fury offered soothing words. She then met up with Captain America and the two discussed how they were going to begin with the new Avengers recruits.

They return to the Helicarrier, where Loki is put into a cell designed to hold the Hulk and dispose of him if necessary. Thor is quick to point out that while Loki is unstable he is still his adoptive brother. Later he asks Coulson about Jane Foster and is told that she was moved to a secure location when Loki returned and Erik Selvig was put under his control. Thor is asked by Fury if he is capable of inflicting torture on Loki to reveal his goals.

Losing his patience, Thor pinned Loki against a wall when he spotted some guards, Loki requested his dagger but Thor instead gave him a brand new pair of handcuffs, teasingly reminding Loki about how he normally enjoyed tricks like that. [5] When they became corned by more Einherjar guards, Thor dropped Mjølnir and informed Loki that he did not intend to kill his Asgardian allies. Thor then proceeded to subdue the guards with just his own bare hands. [68]

Thor rejoiced to see them all but told them that they should not have come to collect him, noting that Odin was dead because of him and he must now remain of Earth to ensure the peace with Jotunheim. However, they all then informed him that Odin was alive and that Loki was King and had shown the Frost Giants the way into Asgard. As they were talking, they saw another Wormhole in the distance and realized Loki had sent his own forces after them.

Two years after the  Battle of Sokovia , Thor has been unsuccessful in searching for the  Infinity Stones , and is now imprisoned by the fire demon  Surtur. Surtur reveals that Thor's father  Odin  is no longer on  Asgard , and that the realm will soon be destroyed by  Ragnarök , once Surtur unites his crown with the Eternal Flame that burns beneath the city. Thor clashes with and defeats Surtur, taking his crown, believing he has prevented Ragnarök. [6]

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