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The Incident at Thor's Oak

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As a storm approached Svartalfheim , Thor and Jane Foster took shelter inside a cave as Foster told Thor that Malekith planned to use the Aether 's power to destroy the world, having seen it in a vision. Thor comforted her that it was not her fault, but was interrupted when Richard called her on the phone, which seemed to be impossible as she and Richard were separated between realms.

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After the events of Siege, Asgard was left in ruins because of Loki's doing, but still Thor mourned for him. After fighting the Dísir and saving Hel, Thor asked Hela to speak with Loki only for Hela to tell him that her father did not dwell in Hel. In part of his deal to grant a piece of Hell for the dead, Loki had himself written out of the books of Hel, meaning his soul was out there, vulnerable to the Disir. Thor refused to believe it, knowing that his step-brother would've had something else planned. [77]

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Thor was taken for questioning by Phil Coulson but did not respond to any questions, Coulson was convinced he must be special forces due to his remarkable fighting skills which had allowed him to defeat all of Coulson's men, questioning if he was trained for the United States Armed Forces while in Afghanistan or Chechnya. Thor remained silent throughout the interrogation and refused to answer Coulson's questions however, the . agent informed him that sooner or later they would find out what they wanted to know, noting their organization was good at that.

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Among his subsequent adventures, Thor rescued a woman named Tarene , a cosmic being also known as the Designate. She later took on the identity of Thor Girl out of admiration of Thor. Thor and Thor Girl battled the time-travelling Gladiator (Kallark), who vowed to destroy Thor in a preemptive strike to prevent a terrible horror that he believed Thor would inflict in the future.

For a time, Thor was merged with the human Eric Masterson , an architect who first met Thor as Jarlson. The two men would exchange bodies using Mjolnir, as Thor had done before as Blake. [96] After Loki attempted to kill Susan Austin , the woman who cared for Eric's son, Thor became furious and slew Loki. As punishment he was exiled from Earth and Eric Masterson was given the thunder god's power to continue in the role of Thor. [97] Eventually, after Loki reappeared, Eric was able to find Thor, who had been hidden within Eric's own sub consciousness, and rescued him from exile. [98]

Eventually, the drones were all destroyed by the combined efforts of the Avengers, with Ultron commenting that it had been a dramatic few moments. When Ultron told them that the only way to ensure peace was to destroy the Avengers, Thor then responded by furiously throwing Mjølnir at the robot, destroying his body only for Ultron to download his body to another area while singing a song from Pinocchio as his current body then shut down. [67]

The events of Original Sin laid Thor Odinson low as Nick Fury whispered something in his ear that made him become unworthy and therefore unable to lift Mjolnir. The hammer fell to the moon and refused to budge, not even for Odin himself. Jane Foster, however, was able to lift it, and the hammer revised its wording to say “if SHE be worthy,” turning her into the new Thor.

In the meantime there is another very interesting and potentially powerful energy at work at the moment – and one backed by a couple of interesting stories so I thought it worth looking at in greater detail. This energy is called a Thor’s Hammer, sometimes ‘God’s fist’ and is similar in appearance to the yod or ‘finger of God’ that I have mentioned before. The energy of Thor’s Hammer is somewhat more ‘in your face’ than the yod though and more likely to achieve sudden, violent change or shifts.

As they all prepared for the incoming Battle of Sokovia , Thor took some time to speak with the Vision while all of the other Avengers collected their gear and regrouped onboard the Quinjet to fly to Ultron's location at Novi Grad. During the flight, Captain America gave a speech in which he told his fellow Avengers that their priority would be to get the people of Sokovia to safety before battling all the Ultron Sentries that would be standing in their way. [67]

The group then stood around a table and discussed Malekith 's plans for the Aether, and how he intended to use its power to destroy all the Nine Realms and plunge the Multiverse into eternal darkness. Thor noted that for this to work, Malekith needed to be in a specific location which Selvig realized was in Greenwich in London. Seeking to destroy the Dark Elves , Thor reclaimed Mjølnir while Selvig then went to put his pants back on as they prepared to leave. [5]

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