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Hi Elaine,
If you will go to the Best Friends Start Here link on the right hand side and click it, there are all of my diet resources. I 8767 m working on a new project for diet specifically that will help with grocery shopping too!
You 8767 ve come to the right place. Food is medicine and you can turn your life around if you are willing to eat well. I can promise that! It 8767 s been almost 5 years and I am proof that it works.
Keep me posted and watch for the new diet blog. KK? You 8767 re in my heart.
xoxo Karen:)

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Ongoing bleeding from the esophagus is detected by inserting a tube down your nose into your stomach to suck out any pooled blood. Once bleeding is recognized, various methods are used to control it.

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My husband has been diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver. He has had ct scans,done they show he has lesions on the had a ct scan done in 7569,and one done this year, ofcourse the lesions this year are a little larger. One oncologist suggested doing nothing. This second opinion oncologist suggested having a liver biopsy. My husband is 85 years old. Do you think this is feasible for an 85 year old man. I am afraid of him bleeding,or who knows what. Do you have any suggestions?

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Hi there.. I read your comment and started itching just remembering! Oh my gosh, the dreaded Hep C skin itches. I 8767 ve written about that. I hope you find my liver loving diet too. I 8767 m getting ready to post a book, but a lot is on this site too.
The mouth sores.. yep I wrote about that. Ask for miracle mouthwash. It will get you through treatment too! Are they getting you staged at a 8 then?

Typically the likelihood of parasitic infestation depends on the area you live in. Diagnosis is often based on symptoms, fecal examination, and standard diagnostic techniques for liver disease. Treatment is the use of appropriate parasiticides.

Some of the protein in food that escapes digestion and absorption is used by bacteria that are normally present in the intestine. While using the protein for their own purposes, the bacteria make substances that they release into the intestine. These substances then can be absorbed into the body. Some of these substances, for example, ammonia, can have toxic effects on the brain. Ordinarily, these toxic substances are carried from the intestine in the portal vein to the liver where they are removed from the blood and detoxified.

Thanks again he 8767 s got the hepc doctor on the 5 July and he had an ultra sound done the other day so he will get the results when he sees the doctors ,and I will get him to ask all these things then hopefully he will av a better picture were he is. you and everyone else take care xc
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No worries at all Dee we appreciate you getting back to us. His biopsy went well now we are just waiting for the results. He was in quite a bit of pain afterwards and was very sore in his shoulders. He is up and moving today he says it makes him feel better. Thank you for being here for us and letting us know we are not alone as we go through this. I definitely know what you mean when you said you cried for three months when speaking about it I am the same way every time some one asks. The not knowing has been so hard but I am nervous for next week when we get the results. So much emotions are happening right now but my husband is wonderful and said he has so much to fight for.

If symptoms are severe, you will have to stay in the hospital, especially if you have become so confused you cannot care for yourself.

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