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Thor told them to leave while he battled the Frost Giants alone. As his friends left and reached the Bifrost Bridge , Thor unleashed the full power of Mjølnir and erupted the ground around him killing hundreds of the Frost Giants , before flying at full speed to kill the Jotunheim Beast that was chasing the Asgardians. Laufey and his whole army then surrounded Thor and his friends, who were driven back to the edge of a cliff, seemingly defenseless against the army.

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5. Thrym sat on a mound, | the giants' master,
Leashes of gold | he laid for his dogs,
And stroked and smoothed | the manes of his steeds.

Drop the Hammer - TV Tropes

It's a classic game which pits a car against a clock. Get in your cab, pick up your customers and get them to their destination in one piece but, more important, on time.

Eventually, the two heroes were split again. But like he did for Beta Ray Bill, Odin saw that a new Mjolnir-like weapon called Thunderstrike was forged. Masterson kept fighting the good fight until his death. Even now, his son Kevin carries on the legacy as the new Thunderstrike.

With Ultron finally defeated, and the world once again saved from its total annihilation, Thor regrouped with all of his fellow Avengers at the New Avengers Facility where the newest generation of heroes were being trained to protect the planet. While having a friendly debate with Steve Rogers and Tony Stark over how Vision had become worthy enough to pick up Mjølnir while the others could not, Thor decided to leave Earth in the safe hands of the new Avengers.

Thor rejoined the Avengers alongside Natasha Romanoff inside the laboratory just as an argument was breaking out between them all, as Tony Stark had just now learned that . was using the power of the Tesseract to recreate the weapons of HYDRA and had not informed the team of this fact. Director Nick Fury noted that they were building the weapons because of the threat of Asgardians , pointing to Thor who insisted his people wanted peace with Midgard , although Fury noted Asgardians were not the only threat.

This is what he said: “Thor, take the bridal veil. Set a pretty cap upon your head. Choose a long dress, with flowers and precious gems embroidered into its hem. Let Freya’s necklace, the wondrous work of dwarfs, shine upon your breast.”

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