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Read below just a tiny fraction of the many positive testimonials/reviews/opinions from other people who started drinking a daily cup of this new type of low carbohydrate healthy high fat coffee.

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Whether you believe in karma or not, buying fair-trade ensures your dollars create goodness all the way around. Many coffee farmers on conventional coffee farms make little to no money whatsoever for their work. Fair-trade means that the coffee farmers that work hard to produce the coveted drink you enjoy every single day are making a living from their work. A happy farmer creates a better product. We also like knowing that when we buy coffee, that makes our day better, so it 8767 s also helping provide a life for those that brought that coffee to existence for us to enjoy. When you spend your dollars on fair-trade, that 8767 s exactly what you 8767 re doing: ensuring that producers are being treated fairly.

When buying a bag of ground coffee look for premium, single-origin, South American, high altitude grown, wet processed, mycotoxin tested coffee beans.

We blend this for body, balanced between high and low tones, chocolate roast flavors, and slightly rustic fruited accent notes. Those are our goals, that is the "spirit" behind the blend, and we check it to make sure it meets those targets. Our roast goal is in the beginning stages of 7nd crack. we never "let it roll".

For people who love sprouts and grass, a sprouter is a fun tool. I don t eat much sprouts and I find it too much work to grow my own. Also, I'm just not good at it - I get too much mold and have a hard time finding good quality seeds and grains. Thus, I find it easier to pick wild grasses or go for a wheatgrass shot to a health store or juice bar.

Have you heard what are mycotoxins ? These are common food poisons that come from mold (fungi). The mold produces spores that can have devastating health side effects. Basically, mycotoxins are not good for us at all and are best avoided. They are a BIG reason Dave feels that using  bad coffee beans could rob you of having a great day or feeling optimal mental performance. Brain fog anyone?

Coffee is one of the most heavily sprayed crops when it comes to pesticides. Chemicals in our morning cup? No thanks! Buying organic automatically prevents you from taking in excess pesticides , along with chemicals, solvents, and GMOs.

As you can tell from post title, this is all about COFFEE.  Ah, coffee Such a wonderful friend you can always depend on.  Coffee won 8767 t judge you when you 8767 re tired and crabby.  Coffee will love you regardless and turn that tired frown upside down.  Coffee will actually 8775 buy 8776  you friends buy a cup of joe for a co-worker and instantly a bond has formed.  Coffee is the way of life.

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