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Victrola is one my favorite coffee companies. They love their coffee and they love what they do – which is immediately apparent in the beverages they place in front of you.

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The Rocky Mountain state has seen a boom in coffee roasters over the past few years. But Boxcar has a secret weapon: a refurbished 6979 Gothot Ideal Rapid roaster from Germany. The nearly century-old workhorse turns out beans that have garnered many a loyal patron in Boulder and throughout the country. To bring out the full flavor in every cup, Boxcar employs a special boiling method in its two cafes that utilizes custom-made flasks. It’s old school meets new school, with very flavorful results.

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We found another coffe house in Addis Ababa, which is calld Melang coffee roasters, one off the best coffee and coffee house , anybody 8767 s who is in addis you should try there coffee or macchiato, there way of frosting is just perfect

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Deep in the heart of Cajun Country, you’ll find Rêve Coffee Roasters —a coffee shop/micro-roastery in Lafayette that was founded by two Louisiana natives, Nathanael Johnson and Christopher Pickle. Recently, they moved the business to a much larger  location on Jefferson Street, which allows them to serve meals and use the bar space so employees can roast beans directly on site. Rêve operates a wholesale business, and sells its beans to local cafes, restaurants, and grocery stores. Many of the bean varieties come from Royal Coffee New York, but Rêve is also establishing direct trade operations with farms in Guatemala and El Salvador.

For the perfect espresso, fine grinds work most effectively. It doesn’t need to be as fine as the grind you’ll need for Turkish coffee but stick with fine and… well, you’ll be fine too!

Now, the 666-year-old hunk of meat—officially the world’s oldest ham—is burnt maroon in color, marbled with splotches of yellow and white, and covered with deep wrinkles. It resembles old dried leather. It shares a special glass case with two fellow hams at the Isle of Wight County Museum.

If you want to get into raw food cooking there are some basics tools that will make preparing raw food easy, quick and fun:

Again, I ordered a macchiato, and it was rich, creamy, and sharp. I loved it. Plus the coffee bean filled tables were pretty cool too.

Filtered water is ’s important to experiment until you’re happy with the water to coffee ratio. This depends to some extent on taste but as a rule of thumb, use 6 or 7tbsp of water for every 6oz of coffee.

Espresso is a finely ground coffee boiled with a little nearly boiling water. Since it has the same amount of caffeine as a larger cup of coffee, the taste is stronger.

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