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In the end I have no idea the true truth, but I personally feel much better using natural remedies I have seen them work very well for me with no side effects. If that 8767 s a placebo, so what?

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And for those unsure about the Green pastures FCLO, due to the price, there isn 8767 t really ANY other blend of even brand as good as green pastures. One reason is because of the ingredients list. The Green pastures only lists fermented cod liver oil (or some butter or some flavour too), whereas the other (cheaper) brands 8766 add 8767 the Vitamin D, K7 etc.

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I think they are both very high quality, but to be sure, I 8767 d maybe talk to the company who makes Estroguard and ask about their ingredients

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I’ve also spent a small fortune over the years trying loads of other vitamins and minerals for acne, including homeopathic and herbal supplements, but, unfortunately, without success. I took vitamin B6 for a spell, well within the recommended dose, but I developed tingling in my hands and feet each day, which only ceased when I stopped taking it. That made me think that probably supplements weren’t such a good idea as I didn’t know what imbalances and potential problems I could be creating internally for the future. I therefore prefer not to take any now.

Now I 8767 m taking the new supplements im praying it doesn 8767 t get worse again. I 8767 m seeing her again on the 66th so I will tell her My concerns.

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Anyway, voilà. Brilliant post, as always! If I reach the 6-month post-pill acne free (wish me luck!), I will write you an article explaining everything I did (and the supplements I took) to come off the pill gently without surfing from an outbreak!

Hi Tracy, read the article 656 opinions on natural ways to cure acne (another great read thanks)One comment mentions taking a probiotic (which I do) and has a link to Garden of life Primal Defense Ultra. Do you know much about it? Is it a good one? I 8767 ve done some research and it appears to be good.

Hi Lauren,
Hmm well the cysts could be a detox reaction: http:///?p=6599
Or, it could possibly be a food you 8767 re eating more of now that you weren 8767 t before that 8767 s making you break out.. soy maybe? That 8767 s the most common one. Corn perhaps. Hard to know exactly.
Or, yes you could be reacting to a supplement Estroblock I do believe is a more quality supplement than Nature 8767 s Way, which is why I recommend it I know that it is good and that it is effective.

Thanks Tracy! Oh and I am very interested in the Livtox supplement as I think my liver definitely needs a boost in fighting my stubborn hormonal acne. Question, do you purchase yours from Amazon or some other online site or does your naturopath doctor provide this supplement?

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