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The Avengers were soon attacked by Pietro and Wanda Maximoff , who had gained powers from HYDRA's experiments. Hawkeye was injured during this attack and Thor offered to get him back to safety. Thor and Captain America used their combined strength to destroy a HYDRA Tank before Thor saved Hawkeye. Eventually, the Avengers located the Scepter, captured Wolfgang von Strucker and HYDRA was finally defeated, although the Maximoff twins escaped.

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After Ultron's defeat, Thor went to New Avengers Facility to say goodbye to Tony and Steve. He told them that Vision was worthy to wield the gem and should return to Asgard to find out who was the ally of Loki. Rogers asked him if he could do it, Thor replied that everything in this universe made sense, except Stark. Heimdall then opened the Bifrost allowing Thor return to Asgard.

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Thor strode back and looked again into the horn. It was still half filled. He turned round to see that all the Giants were laughing at him.

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On Svartalfheim, Thor and Loki start having an argument about trust. Loki says Thor can't trust him and uses his dagger to cut of thor's hand. Loki then brings Jane to Malekith and says that all he wants in return for her is a good spot to see Asgard burn.

He proves himself a great warrior, often leading his band of warriors (which includes Loki , the Lady Sif , and the Warriors Three ) on adventures. However, he is also known to be reckless. This becomes evident when Loki jokingly reminds him that he would be dead had he not used a smoke veil to ease their escape during one battle.

Aaron: People have a lot of questions on Twitter: what 8767 s going to happen to the previous version of Thor? Who is this new version? That 8767 s good that people have questions. We 8767 re not going to answer all those right now. Those are things that will be developed over the course of many issues. So it 8767 s a good think people are asking those questions.

Thor rose up and took the hammer from Loki's hands. Without a word he went out of the hall and along the ways and toward the gate of the Giants' City. He spoke no word to Loki nor to the lad Thialfi who went with him for the seven weeks that they journeyed through Jötunheim.

Fearing for her safety, Thor returned to Earth and then went to finally reunite with Jane Foster to ensure that she was okay. Using the information gathered, Thor knew that Foster was in London and soon found her, at which point Foster noticed a circle of rain around her then Thor appeared.

Thor ended up being the only Avenger unaffected by the Gamma-radiation the Leader had released after his first failure. When questioned by the Leader on why he was not infected, Thor explained that it was because he was Asgardian and was unaffected by the same things mortals are. Realizing that he is useless in his plans, Leader has Abomination and Absorbing Man attack him, the latter absorbing Mjolnir's material. However, Thor was able to control Absorbing Man and sent him flying into the Leader. He later helped Hawkeye and Hulk defeat Leader.

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