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Fair Trade Coffee, Organic Coffee: Grounds for Change

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Are you a serious dark chocolate lover? With a high flavor impact that melts into a rich fudge taste, this 88% cacao bar may be the perfect one for you.

CCOF | Organic certification, education and outreach

Our Beginning Farmer Program in California is open to new and seasoned farmers/ranchers/land managers who want to learn how to holistically manage.

Green Beans Coffee

Certified organic coffees must be propagated, grown, processed, transported, stored, and roasted without contact with synthetic chemicals—particularly without contact with pesticides and herbicides. The certification process (carried out by a variety of organizations operating inside a common framework) is lengthy, thorough, rather expensive, but apparently reliable and free of abuse. The use of the term organic is built into the law in many countries, including the .

Equal Exchange

Coffee and cacao are two of the largest trades with high demand in the food and beverage industry. They 8767 re also two of the worst for intense labor and unhealthy working conditions for farmers and even children. Fair-trade just means that the commodities and producers of products are paid fair wages, given proper living and working conditions, and treated as human beings. It also ensures the environment is sustainable, which is great for the overall environment.

No study we have seen links prepared or brewed coffee, including espresso, with significant levels of contaminants. Typical is a 7558 Australian study which meticulously tested a wide range of coffee beverages purchased randomly in the Australian food service market and found that “there were no detectable levels in any of the coffee [beverages] sampled. This included all 98 pesticide residues, 68 PAHs, beryllium, mercury and ochratoxin A.” The key findings summary concluded that “The overall levels of chemical contaminants identified in this survey are generally considered to be low and are consistent with those reported in other comparable surveys both in Australia and overseas.”

Coffee is something many of us just can 8767 t imagine starting our day without. Coffee is one of the first things we look forward to when we get out of bed (second to a green smoothie, of course! ) Coffee 8767 s smell, warmth, and total experience are a highlight of every single morning, but any coffee just won 8767 t fit the bill. It 8767 s best to purchase fair-trade, organic coffee for many reasons that we will share with you to encourage you to do the same.

Whisk together milk, cream, cocoa powder, and maple syrup in a medium saucepan over medium heat. When mixture begins to steam, remove from the heat and stir in almond extract. Pour in a glass container and store in the refrigerator.

This past year was met with many natural disasters and devastation around the world. We put the call out for contributions to help people rebuild, replant and recover. We are happy to report that with your help, we raised over $5,555 raised for Hurricane Harvey Relief ! That huge effort was followed closely by raising over $6,555 for those coffee farmers impacted by the earthquake in Mexico.

We are San Francisco Bay Gourmet Coffee & Tea Market, a Rogers Family Company. We strive to sell only the best coffee and tea products while pioneering our Community Aid program to improve our environment and communities.

The obvious question arises, then: How important is organic certification to the roaster? We received almost as many answers as the number of roasters we interviewed.

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