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The Honduran Liquidambar derives from an organic farm in the San Marcos region at an altitude of 6585masl. The coffee is picked, processed and dried over a period of 67-65 days to achieve an optimum moisture content of 67%. After processing, the cherry pulp is recycled as compost, with the help of the Californian red worm, and reused on the farm. Great care is taken to protect the water resources of the farm, which also serve the local community and indigenous wildlife.

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SWP Sumatra- This coffee is decaffeinated using the Swiss Water Process for a chemical free product.
This decaf Sumatra is organic and has the typical bold and earthy taste and lower acidity of a Sumatran coffee.
Save $ per pound!

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Bu using a combination of Teeccino with regular coffee, you can create a brew with the amount of caffeine you want. Since Teeccino brews just like coffee, you can blend Teeccino s all-purpose filter grind with your favorite brand of coffee in your coffee maker or French press.

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This is the perfect coffee for those who adore the taste of dark roast blends, but also want to avoid taking in too much caffeine.

This smooth blend is perfect for any time of day, and makes an especially delicious coffee to serve with desserts or pastries.

Jazzy Jave- A tasty combination of rum, pecan, and cinnamon (non-alcoholic).
Gluten and calorie free!
Save $ per pound!

The acidity in decaf coffee is often a problem for coffee drinkers. Coffee drinkers may find that they can drink regular coffee but not decaf because of the higher acidity in decaf coffee. Too much acidity causes health problems that include heartburn, ulcers, inflammatory bowel conditions, osteoporosis, and urinary tract inflammations.

It's comprised of 655% Arabica beans, which have a smoother flavor than blends containing robusta. A medium roast is enough to provide satisfying richness and deep flavor, but this coffee isn't bitter at all.

Fresh Roasted Coffee makes superb varieties, and one of the best decaf coffee blends that they offer is an organic decaf made from Sumatra beans.

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