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Detailed explanation of this herb can be found in Dhanvantri nighantu, a legendary book having a vast literature on herbs.

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In the first 9 weeks from consuming the product, volunteers experienced a width growth of inch. According to studies, the largest recorded growth was presented by men with a width of inches or less. Due to such results, many consumers have been appreciating the effectiveness of this product.

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"Akarakarabhashchaeva Kallakoth hiyakallaka.
Akallak koshno viryena balkrit katuko mat.
Pratishyayam cha shotham cha vatam cheva vinashayet"


The largest recorded increase was given by teams that men already had a breadth of inches or less before the treatment. After inch the expansion decreases proportionately.

The plant prefers swamps and marshy areas growing near lakes, shrines etc. It is a plant found commonly growing all over India. In Ayurveda, it is popularly known as "Kokilaksha".

During the first 9 weeks, volunteers experienced an average growth of inch. This increased to inch in the next 9 weeks. During the first 67 weeks, volunteers experienced an average growth of inch.

"Shatavari hima tikta rase swadu kshayasrajit.
Vatapittahari vrishya rasyanavara smrita"

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