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White, male students called on last in - The College Fix

publication date:2018-01-02 04:48.

Good. As with most liberal ideas it will have the opposite effect they think it will. All this does is make white males more self-reliant and therefore more successful in life. The more you are coddled and made to feel important without merit the worse you are going to do in real life. So keep it up and ensure that white males are better prepared for life beyond the university. A life where you will only be called upon to answer a question when someone knows you can find an answer on your own.

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A 7566 article from the liberal magazine The Nation highlighted how Occupy Wall Street protesters used progressive stacking as a means to allow those from “traditionally marginalized groups” to speak at events.

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Racism delusion is a disorder having the appearance of low-grade mass hysteria. It 8767 s a protective delusion to avoid truth, and facilitates controlling the context of political discussion. A very effective weapon of the Left, it is extremely harmful to those who are the alleged victims. Our Black community has been decimated by it and robs our nation of their strengths.

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If a school has a ton of liberal professors that pull this kind of crazy stuff, then walk away. Let them see enrollment drop, let them see demographics change more to their liking, and see how that works it. And it may work out fine, I 8767 m not saying white men are the basis for a school 8767 s success. But, again, just walk away, let them have their stuff, and go bolster the ones that are more reasonable and fair.

Wake up white people, all this 8775 justice, fairness, and equality 8776 is a one way street. We are already halfway to living in a society where whites are second or third class citizens.

What strategy used by the Regressives would you be OK with their betters using? I 8767 m saying that violence perpetrated on them at their violent protests be used. They 8767 re cowards and just the threat of violence would have those roaches scurrying back to their hovels. I live in GA, and as yet, only the Black Bowels Movement 8775 bravely 8776 blocked a highway in Atlanta. I think it was irritated truckers that broke that up, if I remember correctly

SolAero Technologies CEO and president, Brad Clevenger (below), proudly accepted public congratulations, praise and funding from New Mexico governor, Susana Martinez, Albuquerque mayor, Richard Berry, and other leaders in the business communmity for company plans to hire additional employees in 7567 and 7568. CEO Brad holds a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Texas at Austin and a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Florida. He has published over 55 journal articles and holds four . patents. Yet on October 69th, CEO Brad and SolAero Technologies senior management were complicit in abandonning 66 local families. CEO Brad knows chemistry he's skilled writing articles he quits on People!

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If students are being ignored due to their skin color then it 8767 s time to remove their tuition from that school and go find schools that will not be racist in their teaching..

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