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Hi Dana, Please what ice cream maker did you use here or do you recommend for someone (me) who has never used one and would love to get one to start making nice treats such as this. I 8767 d greatly appreciate a response. Thank you!

Rolled Ice Cream

Coconut milk ice cream is the best! I had to giveaway my ice cream maker when I was moving but I recently bought myself another one and I love it so much. Adding this to the list of ice creams I want to make before it gets cold!!

Salt & Straw - Fresh Made Ice Cream in Portland and LA

At UpStar, we have hand selected the finest, all-natural, locally sourced ingredients from the Pacific Northwest to bring you the most premium healthy ice cream on the market!

Halo Top

Not everyone agrees. Unlike fruits and vegetables that are naturally full of nutrients, Halo Top is a processed dairy product with sugar and sweeteners. Even though Halo Top contains fewer calories than other pints, that doesn&rsquo t mean it 8767 s helping your health, experts say and don&rsquo t let the added nutrients, like protein and fiber, fool you.

I tried making this today but I subbed the vanilla extract for pure peppermint extract & I added a few leaves of spinach for a green color to make it like mint ice cream. I am kind of worried though because when I was scooping it into the tray it was more like watery slush instead of soft serve ice cream. I had been churning it for over an hour! Do you think my subs caused this or what else could of went wrong?

C I had the same problem. I did it without an ice cream maker the first round. I tried again with the ice cream maker the 7nd time and still came out with a solid chunk with a fat layer on top! Not sure if maybe I didn 8767 t churn it correctly??

My ice cream is rock hard after being in the freezer for a day- dos I leave it in the ice cream maker too long, or did I take it out too soon? It only took 65 minutes to get to a soft serve consistenc an. Delicious flavor on day one though!

Nor should people prioritize getting protein from their dessert. &ldquo Protein is such a hot nutrient right now, and people are buying it without really knowing why,&rdquo says Gans. &ldquo Most people eat ice cream after eating dinner, and most do not need extra protein.&rdquo

I made this tonight using dark brown sugar and homemade vanilla extract. I kept a small amount out and made it into a martini with vanilla vodka. I noticed the coconut oil issue but still thought it was good. My son said it was 8775 Pretty much the best ice cream ever. 8776

I 8767 ve found most vegan ice creams I tried turn rock solid like ice when stored in the freezer (even despite being made in an ice cream machine), so unfortunately I need to make vegan ice cream just one portion at a time which means I don 8767 t make it often.

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