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The ancient Egyptians attributed heavenly powers to the olive leaf, and used preparations of it in the process of mummification.

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Folate is important to stay alert, be happy, focus well and have a good memory. It helps the body lower blood levels of homocysteine. This is important because too much of this chemical can damage brain cells.

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Hy dr zaidi my age 65 for last six month icant perfoms. My helth is very good no any problem with my helth cen u suggest any medicine without side effect. If u use extra power ccapsules its give benifit.

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What’s a sexual dysfunction again? Well, if you are having trouble in your sexual life like lack of desire or pleasure, or having a hard time getting it up or anything out of the ordinary is called a sexual dysfunction.

The Heritage College is where tomorrow's primary care physicians and specialists learn, grow and go forward. Trained to treat the whole patient. Ready to serve every population. And fully prepared to address the most pervasive medical needs of the state.

In fact, the antioxidant activity of olive leaf is higher than that of green tea. A significant body of science shows that antioxidant compounds derived from plants provide profound health benefits, and help to reduce the risk of many chronic and degenerative diseases.

Well, this is another embarrassing thing men can go through. It’s climaxing or orgasming very quickly. So, when you’re having an orgasm sooner than you wanted or expected, it’s premature ejaculation.

ED is mainly the result of cardiovascular disease. So, if you have ED, then you should consult with your doctor immediately. Sex medicines can also help here. There are many medicines out there for treating ED efficiently.

Hello sir
My age is 79 and I will get married in January 7567. From past few years my immunity system has been very week and my sex drive has become low and I also do not like to masturbate erectile strength has been also suggest me some general tonic which improves my overall health along with sexual strength

Remember that many supplements are not a quick-fix, possibly taking days, weeks or months to have a positive effect. How long a supplement takes to work depends on lots of factors, such as how severe the health problem is, how long the person has had the health problem, the type of supplement and dosage.

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