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It is advisable to pre-germinate the seeds. First soak the coffee seeds in water for 79 hours. Then sow the seeds in damp sand or wet vermiculite in which the excess water has been drained. Otherwise, you can place the seeds between moist coffee sacks, which should be watered twice a day and drained well.

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Hawaii is the only place in the United States where coffee is grown. Kona is the largest Hawaiian island and is the best for growing high quality coffee. The best coffee in American, in fact, voted by Forbes,

WIth an excellent microclimate, the perfect blend of rain and sun, and fertile, volcanic soil, the slopes on the big island just happen to be perfect for growing coffee.

To get your hands on high quality Kona coffee , you will have to pay a premium. Not only is coffee from here limited in production and highly sought after, it’s grown in the United States where farmers are paid much more than the average farmer in a traditional coffee growing country.

A high quality Kona coffee is worth the money, as long as you buy the real thing .

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Harvesting Coffee Beans

After two or three years flowering and possibly cherries can be expected, but do not expect high-quality coffee unless you are at a high altitude and are monitoring the conditions of the artificial microclimate carefully. For more coffee growing details please see the rest of the agriculture section. In theory, it is feasible to grow a high-quality coffee at home under the right conditions.

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When you roast dark, you cover up most of the coffee’s natural flavor, so you wouldn’t want to use a really rare coffee bean.

We have a selection of over twenty varieties of roasted or green coffee beans and blends from Central and Southern America, Africa and Asia. All our gourmet coffee beans are roasted to order on site at our roastery in York. So when you buy coffee from us, you know it&rsquo s being delivered to you as fresh as possible.

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Do you like them light and bright, or dark and heavy?

There are certain coffees you simply don’t want to roast dark, due to how expensive they are.

Everyone has their preferred way to brew coffee. What’s yours?

French press? A coffee with a full body and lower acidity will be your best choice here. I would recommend coffee from Guatemala, Brazil and Sumatra.

Pour over? Coffees with medium body and higher acidity are excellent as a pour over. The paper filter and the shorter brew times create the ideal cup.

Coffees from Central America, such as Costa Rica or Panama are great for a well balanced pour over.

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