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Upon arriving on Earth, Thor and Loki found that the retirement house where Loki dropped Odin had been demolished. Thor sarcastically asked Loki if he dumped Odin on the house or the street in front of the rubble. Loki is suddenly captured by a portal on the floor which then leaves an address for the New York Sanctum , which Thor heads to. Thor is greeted by Doctor Strange who told Thor that he sensed Loki's arrival on Earth.

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With his powers in full force, Thor carved through her army of Berserkers with ease. He and Loki agreed that as long as Asgard existed, Hela would grow more powerful. The prophecy stated that in order for Ragnarök must happen, Asgard must fall and it is their place to ensure it, not to stop it. Meanwhile, Hela had recovered from Thor's lightning bolt. While Loki went to revive Surtur, Thor and Valkyrie held off Hela. Despite Thor having his powers in full force, Hela still managed to overpower him.

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Adam Warlock has stated that he considers Thor as one of the physically strongest beings in the universe. [767] Thor can be considered as a Class 655+ super being. [768] He has been stated to be at the 95-ton level, [769] then at 655 tons, [6] [765] even though Thor possesses incalculable strength able to overcome the gravity of a neutron star, among other feats. Hence, none of these stats should be taken as anything other than comparisons among characters regarding which of them are officially stronger than who according to Marvel's editorial department. For example, Spider-Man is listed as class 65, yet has moved thousands of tonnes on occasion. [766] [767] [768]

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Marvel Studios has released the first trailer for Thor: Ragnarok online, teasing the God of Thunder’s battle with not the villainous Hela (Cate Blanchett) , but also his cosmic gladiator arena throw-down with fellow Avenger Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) in the film. The first trailer for Ragnarok was previously expected to be released with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 7 in theaters in a few weeks, but Marvel has decided to get a head start on marketing the movie ahead of then.

Magni's strength almost match that of his father. Magni was given the horse called Gullfaxi, Golden Mane , when he rescued his father from the frost giant Hrungnir. See Giant of Clay.

In the Lokasenna , Loki not only accused Tyr of dishonesty in dealing, since he lost his right hand to Fenrir, but he also told Tyr that his wife had an affair with him (Loki). This unnamed wife gave birth to Loki's son.

Thor helped Ant-Man and Wasp escort Blizzard to Prison 97. Later, he fought Kang the Conqueror and protected Captain America, who Kang blamed for the destruction of his timeline. He showed them the future. Thor blasted him with lightning and let him flee. Kang launched his machines and sent them to attack New York. Thor and the other Avengers defeated them and went into space to stop Kang. Thor stopped Kang from firing a weapon that could destroy the city, but got hurt. After Kang was defeated, Wasp visited him in the hospital.

Still though – I learned a ton about the latest Thor adventure during my time on set. I’ve already written up separate articles on Thor Ragnarok’s comic book influences, its place in the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe and how Ragnarok deviates from the prior Thor films. Below, however, is a bullet-point catch-all of everything else I learned on set about Thor: Ragnarok (*that I’m allowed to talk about without fear of Thor slamming Mjolnir down on my head*)

As Hulk is about to attack, the others stand up for him, Thor included, and Iron Man says that the Hulk is as much of a hero as the rest of them were. Then, Iron Man asks the other four to join him as a team to bring down the remaining villains. When they all agree, and Wasp comes up with a name for the group, the Avengers are officially formed.

As the battle raged on, the more powerful Thor then attempted to use his own Asgardian strength and skills to destroy the enemies flying through the sky. Therefore Thor sought to bring down the Chitauri Chariots that were flying through the city, but while riding on the back of one Chariot, Thor was knocked off when a Leviathan smashed through a building and knocked him off his feet. With the forces taking over the city, Thor was forced to join the Avengers in taking on the army of seemingly unending foot soldiers, beating them back despite the overwhelming odds against them all.

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