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Her characteristic anecdote is that she was an administrator for the citizens. She believes herself that she was a tyrannical emperor who injured the lives of many and met an ugly end. She does not deny that is the truth of her rule, but she is not ashamed of it either. While she has regrets about her life and moments where she went too far, she feels all that matters is that she was true to herself in everything. She is not one to cave to others' assessments, but she values the opinions of Hakuno.

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When Captain Hook kidnaps his children, an adult Peter Pan must return to Neverland and reclaim his youthful spirit in order to challenge his old enemy.

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69.  Robinson was the National League Batting and Stolen Bases Champion with a batting average and 87 stolen bases in 6999.

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The leather itself is also fabulous – the interior of the chair is built of a full-grain leather has a deep shine and luster that only gets better with age, and the exterior upholstery is made of a vinyl substitute that’s been perfectly colored to match the leather interior.

If you didn’t want your husband to become a syphilitic alcoholic, you should have learned to make a damn pot roast properly.

The primary advantage of textiles over leather is the warm, fuzzy texture of textile fabrics, and the fact that even in cold or hot climates, textiles are relatively poor conductors of heat – they won’t feel too warm in the summer or feel cold to the touch in the winter.

It is fitting to close with a simple truism from the renowned Eugenicist Prof. . Jefferis, in his Searchlights on Health, The Science of Eugenics:

The overstuffed cushions and armrests are comfortable and soft, with just enough support that you never feel like you’re sinking into them. The reclining mechanism is the standard side-activated “lever button” and activates quickly, with a satisfying click.

“Speaking of Summer, it's about resorts. Speaking of resorts, it's about extravagant hotels. Speaking of extravagant hotels, yes, a specially set up arena! Now, the Golden Theatre changes for an everlasting summer, and the Emperor Nero, Prism--In to the summer sea! That is so! Let the sunlight be carried by flowing water! Now, my opera shall resound through Chaldea!”
—Nero Claudius Caesar

Swivels allow the entire chair to rotate 865 degrees, giving you a great amount of control over the positioning and line-of-sight of your chair. While they are common on normally sized recliners, they’re much more rare on oversized recliners, for an obvious reason – Oversized recliners are quite heavy. Swivels consist of a sturdy metal ring upon which the entire recliner rests. Most swivels simply can’t handle the weight of an oversized recliner and a person sitting in it, so this feature is only found in expensive and specialized oversized recliners.

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