Robusta coffee beans growing

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publication date:2018-01-07 14:24.

With the exception of some home roasters, (who are becoming more and more plentiful) most people don’t know what a coffee plant looks like much less what the coffee fruit or “ready to roast” green coffee looks like. (Yes, it’s actually a fruit!)

Coffee Plant: Arabica and Robusta

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Arabica beans are far superior to Robusta in terms of flavour and quality.

Arabica beans can be grown at higher elevations, giving the beans more time to develop their favor.

Robusta beans however contain more caffeine than Arabica. They are also much more disease resistant and produce a higher yield. That is why farmers still like to grow robusta, even though they sell for a much lower price.

Robusta is grown for companies that produce instant coffee and other lower quality, grocery store blends.

You probably won’t see a roaster advertising their Robusta coffee. Stay away from it if you love great coffee.

Green Coffee Beans - The World's Best!

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The wet method is highly desired by many as the more sophisticated treatment for fine coffees. Washed coffees are very “clean in the cup”, with bright and vibrant acidity.

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Anyone that has tasted Blue Mountain Coffee will say: F-yes.

But like Kona, Blue Mountain is one of those coffees that needs to be purchased wisely.

Green peaberry coffee beans are pictured here. Notice the smallish whole beans rather than larger coffee beans in two halves.

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