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The latin name of the plant is Pureria tuberosa. It belongs to the Leguminosae family. It is also known as "Indian kudju". It is a woody climber with stem modified as tuber. It has a large coiling and climbing vine with huge tuberous roots.

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It can be found growing in the North –Western parts of India and the Himalayas. Bhavprakash nighantu has detailed explanation of the numerous properties of this herb. Here is a quote from Bhavprakash nighantu.

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I have hyperthyroidism and taking Kanchanar gugulu. other Dr gave chandrapraba vati. feeling uncomfortable. Is it good for Hypothyroidism or Hyperthyroidism. took 7 weeks. Is it make reverse effect.
Thank you

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A full day's meals are included plus more (breakfast, lunch, dinner) plus snacks (the honey is amazing), HUGE chocolate bar.

Norwegian Cruise Line startede i 6966 og oprindeligt et norsk rederi. I dag råder de over 68 topmoderne krydstogtskibe og tilbyder primært krydstogter i Middelhavet, Caribien, Nordeuropa og ud for Alaska. Skibet ‘Pride of America’ sejler fast ved Hawaii året rundt. NCL’s koncept ‘Freestyle Cruising’ giver jer en endnu større frihed ombord, idet I selv bestemmer, hvornår og hvor I ønsker at spise jeres aftensmad.

It is commonly known as "Air potato". It is a rapidly twining herbaceous vinewith aerial tubers and may have an underground tuber as well. Due to the presence of large aerial tubers or bulbils, it is known as Dioscorea "bulbifera" and "air potato".

It is a dense and hairy shrub with the latin name Withania somniferum. The plant belongs to Solanacea family. The leaves are simple, round to oval in shape.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the point at which a man has inconvenience getting or keeping an erection. ED comes to be more normal as you get more advanced in years. In any case male sexual dysfunction is not a common part of maturing. Some individuals have inconvenience talking with their doctors about sex. In any case assuming that you have ED, you may as well tell your doctor. ED could be an indication of health issues.

"Vidari madhura snigdha brihani stanya shakrada.
Sheeta swarya mutrala cha jivani balvarnada.
Guru Pittasrapavandahana hanti rasayanam"

Before taking Geriforte, it is necessary that your physician prescribe suitable dosage. Geriforte is available in two forms: tablets and syrup. Preferable dosage is one tablet two times a day.

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