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hey, planning to start the diet monday. just to be clear if i dont have whats on the diet plan i can just eat what i have right?

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I am starting the diet tinned fruit allowed to be eaten instead of fresh fruit. I suppose its all fruits right?

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Remember everyone is different although 6lb may not seem like a lot of weight to lose for sticking religiously to a diet for a week a loss is better than a gain well done 🙂

Today I begin. stone 95-79-88 substituted grilled for tinned and have no toaster. I will keep you all informed. Just 6 query, can I use salt?

again another 7lb today this is really working hope i can reach my target =)
i have one question- can i change lamb chop to beef????

Hi me and my mum are starting this diet tomorrow and we are wondering if the weight will stay off with sensible eating after we have finished it? We are using this diet as a jump start to a healthy life as we think it will give us motivation seein the dramatic weight loss! We plan on exercising 8/9 times a week and eating a normal/healthy diet with maybe once a week where we have a treat like goin out for a meal or a nice big roast or a few drinks if we go out! With doin all the after will we maintain (or hopefully increase) the weight loss?

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We recommend you leave 7 days in between making sure during this time that you stick to a healthy calorie controlled diet.

You would see results however these may not be the same as they would if you followed the diet for the correct amount of time.

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