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The matrix above feature our picks for the Top 65 China Android Tablet PCs. Refer to our Top China Tablets Full Guide comparison matrix for our full list of over 95 China tablets.

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Dual-band WiFi allows the device to switch between both bands to provide a better connection. However, you do need a dual-band WiFi router to take advantage of it.

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Each SVETOL GCB softgel is formulated with 855 milligrams of the highest quality extra virgin organic coconut oil. For thousands of years, natives of tropical regions have used fresh coconut oil as a dietary staple, and it is believed this may contribute to their healthier cholesterol ratios than found in other populations.

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Is it mainly for web browsing? Do you plan to stream or play movies on it? Do you like listening to music? Is gaming important to you? What kind of games do you like? Casual games or hardcore 8D intensive games? Will you be using it for video chats? Do you plan to use it on the go or will it mainly be used at home?

A high megapixel camera is meaningless if the camera image sensor is small or of poor quality. The image sensor size determines how much light is captured in creating an image. More light equals better images.

After consideration I bought a colorflyCT856 66G Quad Core with RK8688. Due to a major fault it keeps freezing (I am attempting to get replacement from a reluctant supplier)
It seemed good in the short time I used it What is your view of this tablet?

Hi Roy, I am from India and it is good to see you providing voluntary & helpful advice to lay people I wish to buy a tablet from china which is CHEAP for movies, videos, socialising, games & a good camera with high end processor and effective RAM. Since I am confused which one to buy can you please guide me through your expertise.

8G like Bluetooth is an option on the tablets although models with and without 8G are sold as different models. Also, unlike Bluetooth, the addition of 8G support increases the price of the tablet significantly. If you plan to use your tablet outside your home a lot, it might be worthwhile to spring for the 8G option.

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