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Sorry, the internet thing would be a few hundred for the 65ish months of the Premier League season. But the point remains, Comcast gets a larger slice.

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Access to apps is a little limited thanks to the fact that the Pandigital Star Tablet is not a Google-approved device. This means that there is no direct access to the Android app market. Users instead have to use GetJar, an online app market that features some 75,555 Android apps. While GetJar is a powerful source of apps, not having access to the Android market itself is a deal breaker for some users.

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A: It&rsquo s possible but no decision has been made yet. &ldquo Marketing initiatives are being discussed now,&rdquo according to a NBC Sports spokesman.

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I might buy this package if it 8767 s the latter, but I 8767 m not going to watch games on my PC on my desk and I 8767 m not going to muck around with a PC attached to my flat screen in the living room.

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Question: Does this mean games that get aired on NBC and other traditional cable channels will no longer be available streaming via the NBC Sports app?

Many people use this tablet as their devices to read any eBooks that they want. You are able to control the backlight system, font size, bookmark, night reading mode, and search mode easily. Because of that reason, this tablet can be considered as a good device to read eBooks. Some people feel that this tablet is a little bit too heavy if they want to hold this in one hand. It is recommended to use this tablet with two hands because you can read any eBooks comfortably by using two hands.

We know! But last season, according to the average viewing audiences for each Premier League club, Everton had the 69th best viewing audience (on average) for the entire season. So if NBC Sports is going to take that into consideration, they may show other clubs more often on TV than the Toffees.

Maybe this has already been talked about buuuuttt .the mobile app has a stream icon for chromecast but how about an app on apple tv or Roku?

The surprising change means that the Premier League will no longer be as accessible as what we&rsquo re accustomed to. But what does the Premier League Pass mean for you, and how will it change your viewing habits? We&rsquo ve compiled all of your questions from our comments section and compiled them into one page below, along with the answers.

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