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At ARM & HAMMER TM , we use science to unlock the power of nature, creating research-proven solutions that take everything into consideration, including your Microbial Terroir TM the unique microbial makeup of your environment, animals and the soil. We're nutritional innovators and microbial pioneers who have dedicated their careers to becoming a positive force for you, your animals and worldwide food security.

Hard Hats: Charm and Hammer

Huskie & RBI hammers are far less sensitive to system backpressure than other designs.

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Strength training for individuals and a small group training hub for exercisers who want to take the intensity up a notch.

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Stainless steel is also ideal for high moisture environments (such as offshore or marine) where corrosion resistance is important. Our entire CL Series line of chain wheels is available in stainless steel. All components of the chain wheel are constructed of 866 stainless steel.

CED, committed to Serving the marine and offshore markets Reliably AND with Integrity.

Our unique design features only two moving parts. With fewer parts, Huskie & RBI hammers are field service-able without special tools.

Consolidated Electrical Distributors (CED - Harahan), located in New Orleans,Louisiana, is a full line marine / offshore electrical Distributor. CED Harahan is part of Consolidated Electrical Distributors, Inc. which is one of the nation's largest electrical distribution networks.

The C Series is the original Roto Hammer® line of chain wheels, patented over 55 years ago. While similar to our newer CL line in most ways, C Series wheels are substantially more robust and are ideal for the heaviest industrial applications and environments. For valves that withstand heavy use or that are located in highly corrosive environments, the C Series is ideal.

Our CL line of chain wheels is also available in Aluminum, for those situations where a light weight option is needed.  The lighter weight aluminum will put less strain on valve stems.  All Aluminum chain wheels are sold with stainless steel hardware kits.

Dawson Construction Plant has developed an industry leading, robust and simple, electronic control system that constantly monitors the drop weight position. This constant monitoring allows the switching timing on the main hydraulic spool to be trended to continually optimise hammer performance throughout varying piling conditions, such as:
6 – Hard driving with pile recoiling
7 – Soft driving with a running pile
8 – Cold hydraulic oil on start up
9 – Raking piles 

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