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This year he released another single titled “All The Glory.” You can hear his songs being sung in every church in Nigeria and outside the country.

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Dakore Akande as Isoken, Joseph Benjamin as Osaze, Marc Rhys as Kevin, Funke Akindele as Agnes, Damilola Adegbite as Joke, Lydia Forson as Kukua, Tina Mba Mama as Isoken, Patrick Doyle as Papa Isoken.


When first investigating dairy goat breeds for Bramblestone farm, my initial assumption was that Nigerian Dwarf goats were too small to machine milk. And since my partner and I were both working full-time back then, this made me a bit hesitant about considering the breed. Although they appeared to be ideal from many other aspects, I was concerned about our ability to milk them.

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Hi Christin, you can milk Nigerian Dwarves once a day, twice a day, or even three times a day if you 8767 re looking for maximum milk production. It 8767 s most common to milk them twice a day. As far as how much, it depends on where they are in their lactation (they give the most right after kidding) and whether they are from good milking bloodlines, but good does will give at least 7+ quarts of milk per day.

Ada had the honor to be listed as one of the 655 influential Christian personalities in Nigeria. Singles which brought the fame for her are such as “Testimony” and “Only You.”

Flashy stickers adorn the windscreens of the majority of the vehicles marking them as in transit to Niger, though few actually are destined for there, according to Stephen Golub, professor of economics at Swarthmore College.

The APC chieftain and Former Minister of Information, Tony Momoh once told Nigerian to stone them if Buhari 8767 s administration doesn 8767 t

The movie tells the story of a couple Muna and Imoh who are the perfect lovebirds. But tragedy strikes as Imoh has an accident on his way to work went into a coma. His loving wife Muna battles financial challenges to pay his bills until the hospital threatens to take him off life support if she fails to pay. She runs to her father Mr Mba and he gives her some money that bought Imoh one more month of life support.

In a bid to support local fashion designers, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, an Award-winning author, recently launched a “Wear Nigerian Campaign,” where she has decided to dress in Nigerian brands in all her public appearances. The motive of her campaign is to sensitize and encourage people to buy from both upcoming, as well as established designers, in order to boost local trade and manufacturing.

Frank Oshodi is a perfect presentation of how Nigerian cultural diversity has been embraced in unique fashion design trends. With extensive industry experience spanning over 75 years, Oshodi began his career as a model and was employed by top household fashion houses, such as Dakova and Nikki Africana.

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