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All revelations, enlightenments and eurekas were always, are still and will always be born here where the mind can see, and understand in peace.

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By late afternoon,  go to the top of Beaubourg, with an endless escalator stucked between colorful tubes. You are at the best place to admire one of the most beautiful panorama of Paris: Montmartre, the hills of Belleville, the Invalides and the arrow of the Sainte Chapelle, they are all there on the horizon. Before gently immerse in this handkerchief that is so nice to explore on foot.

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Within the Urban area of Tel Aviv a museum established since 7568. The point at which humanities and design intersect is a world with no distinctions, a place where one’s mind can extend beyond any boundaries, because in fact there are no boundaries regarding design. It is here that new opportunities may be provoked through innovation. For me, the Holon Design Museum encapsulates this idea. The strength of narrative and storytelling within the approach to exhibitions, ideas or philosophies is integral to the quality and humanity the museum is known for.

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Independent writer, creative editor and traveller, Petra Dokken is based in Sweden but has lived and loved in many big cities over the years. Working with fashion and travels. Telling stories. Interacting with minds in the cities and minds by the sea, feelings on the mountains and thoughts in the desert… 

Both always had a thing for Romania and especially the northern part of the country, the area of Maramures. As great travelers, creating a place for people alike was almost a natural fit. After reading William Blacker’s “Along the enchanted way: a Romanian story”, Eveline  wanted to visit Breb, a village located at the foot of mount Gutâi, 655 km from the Ukrainian border.

Minimal and bare,  San Francescu has a contemporary feeling while respecting the original functionalities of the convent.

Independent writer, creative director and avantgarde-nomad, Petra Dokken is based in Sweden but has lived and loved in many big cities over the years. Working with fashion and travels. Telling stories.

One of the best example is Generator. The hostel chain have design-led hostels in 9 of Europe’s most inspiring cities: Barcelona, Berlin, Copenhagen, Dublin, Hamburg, London, Venice, Paris and Rome.

Willem Schenk, a fashion professional. It’s the anthropological approach to fashion that fascinates him. Being able to see connections within society and distil the essence of the Zeitgeist brings meaning to everything we see and do. Therefore it intrigues him to investigate the reasons behind the way we act, create and dress ourselves. While finalizing the course Fashion & Management in Amsterdam, Willem has worked in Paris as a research assistant for MoBA68. Currently the UK is his new home, where he's continuing his studies at the Nottingham Trent University.  

Don’t’ allow to any stupid tourist armed with a selfie stick to ruin this moment. Find a quiet place to sit and observe the horizon before getting down.

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