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Sonic Advance 7 does not feature Capsules in general. However, Eggman used an egg-shaped one to imprison Vanilla the Rabbit and several Flickies after he fled from Sonic near the end of the game. After Super Sonic defeated Eggman in True Area 58 , he tried to rescue Vanilla who was still inside the Capsule. Due to atmospheric entry , the Capsule overheated and broke apart, but Sonic still managed to save Vanilla.

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The 8-bit version of the game with same name also features Capsules, (here called Metal Cages [6] ) at the end of third act at each Zone, which is short and only has a boss battle. Capsules are more thinner than their 66-bit counterparts, but does mostly have the same method, while the player moves to the next zone and animals run to the other direction. Only third act zones that do not have capsules in the end are Scrap Brain Zone and Sky Base Zone.

At Flying Battery Zone , there are numerous capsules throughout the zone and at the zone's background. Some do contain animal friends, but others contain Rings , Badniks, or nothing at all. In some cases, the switch on top of the capsule may act as a spring. Capsule at the end of the Zone's first act will turn into the act's sub-boss Gapsule , which has eyes and two large spiked balls. There is single capsule left at Sandopolis Zone Zone which when pressing the switch, releases Hyudoros around to harm the player, when the place is completely dark.

The single capsule is featured in Sonic the Hedgehog Yearbook 6996 story "Double Sonic", where the design of it is taken from original Sonic the Hedgehog . When Sonic finds out his friends are once again captured, he runs through the Green Hill Zone after Flicky told him about Capsule. However the capsule turns out to be a trap, which exploded on his face and Robotnik tries to smash him with his wrecking ball connected to his Egg Mobile until Tails comes out to help Sonic.

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