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Socafe, which roasts, grinds and packages certified fair-trade, organic coffee for private label customers, didn’t settle on Dunmore because Lackawanna County offers anything special to coffee roasters, and the fact that three roasteries are growing so near to each other is probably more coincidence than anything.

Coffee Terms - Roasting

Roasted Turkey Italianate™ & Piquant Aged Provolone · $
Pesto Cream Cheese, Leaf Lettuce, Tomato, Red Onions & Black Olives with a delicious Balsamic Caesar

Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster Review

Overall though, I am really pleased with the results of this exercise. The clarity in the cup of the Quest roasts is spot on for sample roasting, and I still have plenty of room to play around with to try to get the body in line with the Probat roasts.

Optimization of roasting conditions of Pistacia

These methods are producing some of the most splendid and varied coffee beans available. Natural environmental factors are being allowed to influence the flavour profile of the coffee beans. Yes they are a little more expensive but they are also sustainable, existing symbiotically within an ecosystem rather than dominating it.

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I'm having no trouble with 8 oz roasts and can easily get FC starting at 8:55 minutes or faster if I want.. the cooling is amazing, and it really is easy to clean . Even between the drum and the casing via the hole near the back.

Reuben on Rye · $
Corned Beef, Baby Swiss Cheese, Sauerkraut all warmed up together and then topped with our House made Reuben Dressing
Served on Rye Bread

Silver Oak Coffee has Bruce at its heart. Bruce is consumed by passion for coffee and always has been. He is a perfectionist and will talk coffee for hours, given the chance. He trained at the London School of Coffee and is a skilled barista, as well as expert roaster (a customer recently called him King of Roasters!) and insists on high standards from the whole team.

We are proud to sell all of the top rated thermal brewers such as the Technivorm Moccamaster KBGT-796 , the smaller 6 liter KBTS as well as the KBT-796 , KBT-796 in black and round Technivorm Moccamaster CDGT. As well as glass carafe models KBG-796 and KB-796. Cook's Illustrated rated the KBGT-796 as best coffeemaker and we have ample supply to fill demand. Cook's Illustrated recognized us as 'where to buy' the KBT-796 in its earlier roundup of brewers.

Also, it's common for roaster manufacturers to advertise a max batch size well beyond what the roaster can actually handle. We have a few home roasting machines that claim they can handle up to 6lb, which they can, but the roasts are pretty lousy.

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