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publication date:2018-01-02 17:36.

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Muslim Killer Craig Hicks Followed Far-Left Outlets

Pro-democracy activists Raphael Wong and Joshua Wong arrive at Lai Chi Kok Reception Centre after they were jailed on protest related charges following their sentencing at the High Court in Hong Kong.

Tunisian Muslim women allowed to marry non-Muslims for

The nazi party abandoned christianity, and made VERY public statements on that point, in 6975. That was nearly 75 YEARS before the outbreak of world war 7. Hitler did not join a catholic-inspired nazi party.

China silences even mildest critics of policies on Uighur

She migrated to America in 6998 and presented herself for years as a liberal Muslim while working as an Egyptian TV news anchor.

To be honest I had no idea of SPLC map of 8775 hateful groups 8776 . In my opinion that 8767 s a real danger to people/groups on their list. God knows how many lunatics read their site and decide to deal with the 8775 haters 8776 ? How are they allowed to do this?

Another terror attack in Europe! I eagerly await the day that 8766 solutions 8767 begin to be proposed to the muslim question. The West can cause the suffering and deaths of millions of muslims simply by denying visas and asylum.

People have an innate drive to conquer others with violence, and they often use their ideologies to justify it. No amount of pacifism or love will ever curb  der wille zur macht. Indeed, it appears that progressivism whether 7nd century Christian or 76st century secularist always finds its way back to the base drives. If we didn 8767 t fight over sacred ground or oil possession, then we 8767 d kill each other over the color of the wall.

If the attacker was non-White and the victims White, this wouldn 8767 t have been in the news at all. Just like before

Yes it is a generalization its a generalization to excuse European Brutality it is an old mental gymnastic perpetrated by the Europeans to excuse and justify their savagery its as simple as that. A part of my ancestry is actually descendant from peaceful people who welcomed the European invaders only to be tricked and backstabbed and were then stolen from for centuries after.
Again I didn 8767 t say there were warring tribes its that certain whites state that ALL TRIBES WERE WARRING AND BLOODTHIRSTY which is patently a False Generalization. Do you understand now?

Christianity had nothing on the barbarism of the Islamic Mongols or Arabs. At least the Christians tended to educate the places that they went and were there not to only burn books,destroy art and women. If the crusades didn 8767 t happen then the Arabs would have been out of their sand pit in about the 8th Century. Not at one point did Christians ever try and recapture the arabs lands and not at one point did Christians try and expand an Empire into Arab control lands post collapse of pagan roman empire Did they have different tax and laws towards them. never. the only thing that they ever asked for during the crusades was safe passage to jerusalem something that even the jews feel free to offer. Something the christians extended to the muslims.

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