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You can keep using shilajeet and ashwagandha capsules and along with this if you want to regain your lost power really fast I would suggest you to use our xtra power capsules. This will give real hard erections very fast.

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My age is 55. Having two kids from the time of marriage still now I am having early ejaculation not more than one minute. I want to take your medicine. moreover I don 8767 t have strong erection also. I am pure vegetarian. working in gulf.

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Hello sir
My age is 79 and I will get married in January 7567. From past few years my immunity system has been very week and my sex drive has become low and I also do not like to masturbate erectile strength has been also suggest me some general tonic which improves my overall health along with sexual strength

Curculigo orchioides-(Kali Musli )–Supplement | Ichupeng's

Sleeping in right posture and right elevation help in acidity control, like keeping head on a high pillow up to seven inches.

Though very few admit it, but it’s really a fact that, men have loss of libido. It’s the decreased desire of having any sexual desire or interest in overall sex. So, if you are having low or zero interest in sex, then you have low libido, my friend.

Amphetamines: Can prevent blood flow in the penis.
Barbiturates, Nicotine: Causes low libido.
Cocaine: Causes massive damage to nerves.
Marijuana: Prevents constant blood flow in your penis.
Heroin: Causes hormonal imbalance.

Try to avoid chemically prepared medicines, though they suppress the acid formation in stomach but badly affect the digestive system and has many side effects. In acute cases, right diagnosis at right time helps in treatment so consult your physician for proper medication and treatments. Simple and easy life style can keep you healthy and happy. Health is wealth , so live a balance and stress-free life. Every disease has its cure so don&rsquo t get panic and stay happy.

I am married recently but I cant satisfied to her on I was a smoking last 5 year but I hav leaved recently from last year but my errection and sex power is very low for that resone m very nervous please suggest me one and one without any side effect medicine for best sexual result

Half glass butter milk with one table spoon of coriander juice is effective in case of stomach burns, indigestion, and acidity. This is one of the best home remedies for acidity.

There are many ways to deal with this kind of situation such as using male enhancement products and sex power capsules. They will surely help you get rid of this mess for good. But first, let me tell you what exactly they are and what do they do.

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