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The recent Avengers: Age of Ultron had a fun party scene that addressed the question of worthiness head-on, with each Avenger giving it their best shot, to no avail. Even Thor himself had to prove his worthiness to his father Odin to receive the hammer – and he 8767 s lost it a fair few times through the years, too. Worthiness isn 8767 t a fixed trait, but rather something that depends greatly on circumstances, which can change with time. Because of that, many characters have had a chance to access the power of Thor – some through loopholes, some thanks to cheating. But no matter how, they all got a taste of that power for a panel or two.

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I stumbled across your blog and smiled ear to ear! Your boys are living a very similar life to mine! Costumes all the time, always superheroes. Thank you for sharing and the smile.

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If any Avenger other than Thor is worthy of lifting Mjolnir, it has to be Captain America. Which is why Steve Rogers has proven worthy of wielding the hammer on three separate occasions.

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Throg is another human-turned-amphibian, although in his case the transformation was permanent. His origin story as Simon Walterson (we see what you did there, Walt) established both the tragedy of the character and his kind, noble, brave heart. Walterson was transformed into a frog named Puddlegulp during Simonson's run, where he and his new frog compatriots helped Thor battle some evil rats.

If you're one of the growing number of fans who enjoy dressing up as your favorite superhero and interacting with others of the same mind, it's pretty hard to beat portraying a nearly invincible mythological deity. Thor: Ragnarok costumes and replicas can help make that dream a reality.

Improving the Thor has become somewhat of an informal competition amongst Terran Dominion engineers. The Dominion's top brass is content to allow this trend to continue, as it results in more powerful siege walkers. Meanwhile, improvements in neosteel plating and innumerable upgrades made the thors of the Dominion Special Forces a signature achievement in weapons engineering. [5]

An experimental serum called Extremis gets stolen, and Iron Man rockets into action. The ensuing battles test Stark's spirit and Iron Man's power. Based on the graphic novel of the same name.

Perhaps the single most iconic example of another hero lifting Mjolnir came as writer/artist Walt Simonson began his now-legendary run on The Mighty Thor. Simonson introduced Beta Ray Bill in his first issue. Bill was the chosen protector of his race, the Korbinites, and genetically modified to become their protector as they fled their galaxy's destruction. Bill and Thor initially came into conflict through a classic case of superhero misunderstanding. Thor was knocked unconscious during the fight and reverted to the form of Dr. Donald Blake. And when Bill picked up Blake's walking stick and struck it against the wall, he suddenly found himself wielding Mjolnir and the power of Thor.

DC Comics and Marvel had been planning a big crossover for a long time before it eventually came to fruition. The deal to produce a few crossover titles started negotiations in 6979, but after a lot of push and pull, the project ended up being shelved for years. JLA/Avengers wasn 8767 t released until 7558. Luckily it had a lot of flash and dramatics to make up for the wait.

When the Chitauri invaders are sighted in the African kingdom of Wakanda, the Avengers covertly enter the advanced nation to investigate.

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