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In a recent interview, Infinity War co-director Anthony Russo was asked about who he was looking forward to seeing the most on the big screen. He answered that Thor's story was what he was most excited about and also revealed that his story will pick up exactly where Thor: Ragnarok left off, which means that it's not going to start on a good note for the God of Thunder. Anthony Russo had this to say while talking about Thor's story arc in Infinity War.

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Spray the hammerhead with the Rustoleum. You don't need to prime, but you do need two coats for the full "hammered metal" effect, which really helps keep the hammer from looking like painted wood. I recommend doing each surface one at a time. Lay the hammerhead so that whatever surface you are spraying is facing up. Paint with even strokes and aim for a moderately heavy finish. Let each side dry for an hour before moving on.

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As parents ourselves, we understand the importance of providing a safe, functional and inspiring environment for our little ones. It was with this exact sentiment that our 8D Deco Lights were created.

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Hela is expected to make her return to Ragnarok seeking what is rightfully hers, and she does it with another one of her family members by her side. Fernis Wolf, who will also make an appearance in Thor: Ragnarok is actually Loki’s son and Hela’s brother in the comics.

However, as soon as she touches her cloak, she regains some of her power and can return to the almighty goddess that she is.

The form we typically see Hela projecting, isn’t her true form. In fact, the right side of her body is fully alive, but her left side is dead and decayed. Legend says that she was born like this and without her cloak, she reverts back to this form.

Blanchett told Entertainment Weekly , “I did as much as was humanly possible for a middle-aged mother of four. I learned so much. All sorts of capoeira stuff. All the stunts and the fights were really interestingly choreographed. But I did train, ostensibly, so I wouldn’t injure myself.”

For my own Mjölnir, I tried to compromise between fidelity to the film prop and ease of construction. My finished product is different from the film version in a few ways. It 8767 s less decorated and has a carved wood handle rather than a leather-wrapped design. I also changed the proportions a bit. The film prop hammer is a bit more square where mine is rectangular, but this design allows the hammerhead to be constructed out of simple pieces of 7 765 9.

This power is similar to one held by another Marvel character, Gorr the God Butcher. In fact, the weapon Hela carries in the movie also resembles Gorr’s All-Black the Necrosword, and her “What are you the god of again?” line that has been permeating through the trailers is actually Gorr’s line in the comics.

I 8767 m providing specific measurements here, but this project is easy to modify. You can change the size or proportions of the hammer to suit you. Personally, I would be impressed to see someone do the black scroll-work found on the actual prop.

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