Husband hides extra man in motel room

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When you take those short naps of your own, don&rsquo t see it as a weakness. The fact that you&rsquo re often tired (and that your kids rarely nap!) is not a sign that you&rsquo re not doing enough. It&rsquo s a sign that you need rest.

IHate My Husband (8 Ways to Overcome Conflict in Marriage)

We are all in our 85s. Some of it is the idea of losing some friends who, while I didn&rsquo t see as often as I would like, will leave an absence for me, some of it is this feeling like I should be doing more. What is wrong with me? Am I just jealous that they are having an adventure and I am playing it safe?

Skin in the Game: From the Slaughterhouse to the Stadium

I have a question. My husband has a really bad breath problem. And by really bad, I mean, i can 8767 t stand sitting by him in church so I quit going. How bad is this? I and one of his closest friends have told him about it , and he used lysterine after his friend told him about how bad his breath was, but he didn 8767 t keep it up for long. Ok. go. comments please?

Jennifer Lamb hides ex-husband's child molestation charges

You need to let her go and build your life back up in Christ. She will not respect you if you don 8767 t do this. If she comes back, you need to set up clear boundaries and consequences for crossing them. Stop being a peon begging for your wife to love you. That will just make you more and more unattractive to her. Rise up to be a strong man of faith. Stop contributing to the problem by catering to her poor choices. Love her by letting her go now!

The main reason was because when I confronted her, she lied about everything for 6 years, watered down the truth, facts, events, and even toward the beginnings of our separation, she barely let out bits and pieces to truth, but then boldly stated what she did tell me was all lies too, and I think her excuse of 8775 being out of her mind 8776 was true, but a lame one at best, especially when she says it was on purpose, she knew what she was doing, she could have walked away, but didn 8767 t.

I said to my daughter, 8775 I am going to go and look at his laptop to see if he has been looking at any medical web sites 8776 , as I was so worried about him. He was saying he was not drinking and we were still awaiting the hospital test results from our GP.

I am 76 years old and i got married in may 7566 but tther i a problem that he is acoholic but we were in love from last 67 years when we were going to school but because of some reason he started drinking and now he is in a such habbit that if he doesnt drinks he cant sleep ,he cant feel to eat anythiny his legs and stomach starts paining and now there is one more problem that he is not having sex feeling and we are newly married and after 6 months everyone asking for good news and there is no answer to give them back,Is there any solution for him to have sex feeling and can we give birth to a chld or there is no you help me please

From the article I have read, my husband is an alcoholic. Unfortunately, he is able to get up and go to work He works hard. He 8767 s is a journalist, so some of his working life involves lunches, supers, drinking, receptions, etc. When he gets home he can easily drink 7/8 bottles of red and though staggers to the bathroom, manages to get up on the dot and away.

My husband was like that. Sometimes I would tell him on the way to church not to get close to people when he talks because his breath was so terrible. He quit drinking soda, which he always had coke, large, always. After a few days the bad breath was gone. I can always tell when he 8767 s been drinking coke by his breath. He smelled like he 8767 d swallowed a dead rotten rat until he quit drinking coke.

My fiancee told me he used to have a drinking problem when we met. But while we were dating he stopped drinking. But a few months ago he started drinking again, and would go on binges whenever I would do something that hurt him. I have lied to him about my past and he said that my lying makes him drink. I feel very guilty that I have caused him to relapse. What can I do?

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