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Transformation: When Thor was living on Earth under his mortal guise , he could use Mjolnir to transfer from his Donald Blake persona into Thor and vice versa. Thor loses this ability when Odin permanently separates the two personas. The transformation returns after Odin's death and Ragnarök restore Donald Blake to existence, allowing him to draw Thor back to Earth from the void once he finds the hammer, but for a time the two share an existence where they are distinct individuals who nevertheless have a similar memory.

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Mjolnir, Thor’s mighty hammer, has fallen into enemy hands. If Magnus Chase and his friends can’t get it, the mortal worlds will be defenseless. Loki can make a deal for Mjolnir’s return, but he demands a high price. Can Magnus find Mjolnir, or must they depend on Loki?

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Well, I 8767 m afraid I can 8767 t refute the comments on taste. It reminds me of sucking on really strong tea bag. It 8767 s not pleasant, but it 8767 s certainly not a deal breaker.

Holy Object: As a former religious relic, Mjolnir is lethal to vampires. Thor once threw Mjolnir at a vampire, with contact causing the vampire to burst into flame and crumble to dust. [77]

Although powerful in and of itself, the hammer also received several potent spells from Odin , who slew the Frost Giant Laufey with it. [5]

CONS: BRUTAL TASTE. Brutal. Absolutely god-awful. If you feel at all nauseous prior to taking TH don 8767 t. You 8767 ll throw up. Hopefully an additive-free pill/capsule manufacturer will come on board so that we can all enjoy TH without feeling like vomiting. But eh kinda makes it special that it tastes so bad. If you can stomach it, you 8767 ll be rewarded.

Invisibility and Intangibility: Thor can turn himself or others, using Mjolnir, completely intangible and/or invisible. [67] An offshoot of this ability is that Thor can use Mjolnir to completely disrupt the phasing abilities of super humans such as the Vision , Shadowcat etc. [68]

That moment when you learn your friend is marrying a giant... eesh.
Magnus Chase hasn’t seen Samirah al-Abbas for weeks. When they meet, he’s taken aback by how tired she looks. He figures her exhaustion is from leading a double life as a Valkyrie and a mortal teenage girl. But he soon learns the truth. Sam’s father, the trickster Loki, has made a bargain with an earth giant named Thrym: Sam’s hand in marriage in exchange for Mjolnir, Thor’s mighty hammer, which Thrym has stolen.

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