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publication date:2018-01-04 17:36.

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Green Coffee Bean: Weight Loss Fact or Fiction?

In addition to being an extremely effective weight loss agent, chlorogenic acid is also seen in fighting against free radicals and toxins. Further evidence also reveals that chlorogenic acid is useful in reducing the levels of homocysteine in the body. Reduced levels of homocysteine can help in reducing the risk of cardiac disorders. In addition, chlorogenic acid also plays a huge role in preventing type II diabetes and is traditionally used as a treatment method for hypertension. Based on limited research and preliminary findings, the conclusions on chlorogenic acid are still to be analyzed in detail.

Green Coffee Bean Extract - Sheds Unwanted Body Fat

This picture illustrates the difference in the way that "ready to roast" green coffee beans look in both the washed and dry process

Bean Green | Green coffee beans and more...

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The wet method is highly desired by many as the more sophisticated treatment for fine coffees. Washed coffees are very “clean in the cup”, with bright and vibrant acidity.

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"Their calories were monitored," Vinson says. They were not put on diets. Calorie intakes stayed about the same during the study. They averaged about 7,955 calories a day -- by no means a weight reduction plan.

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