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Brazil is the world's largest coffee producer and produces around 75% of the world's supply of coffee. Eighty percent of coffee from Brazil is Arabica.

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This coffee is what off-the-shelf brands are trying to emulate when they offer “655% Colombian” blends, and not one of them comes close to the quality of a fresh roasted Colombian Supremo bean. This classic artisan coffee is light roasted in small batches and displays a smooth yet complex body and a bright, sunny acidity. These large beans feature undertones of juicy lemons, brown sugar, and milk chocolate. If you are new to buying freshly roasted coffee and don’t know where to begin, or if you’re a veteran, this selection will satisfy your coffee craving!

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I laughed out loud when I read 8775 Rancho Gordo Stash 8776 I have one too and that 8767 s exactly how I think of it! It 8767 s crazy how many different kinds of beans there are in the world, I wish I could try them all! Your bean dish looks lovely, I 8767 ve never cooked plantains before, will have to give it a go sometime.

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[ ] discovered arepas while in Colombia. A corn-based pancake, it was typically made with cheese and stuffed with some sort of meat. While [ ]

You get fantastic coffee and as volume buyers we guarantee the best possible prices. All our coffee is sourced from farmers who are rewarded for their hard work. We know, we have visited them personally!

I love the mushroom photo! It was so colourful and HUGE! We felt like we were in Super Mario land or something! Definitely wouldn 8767 t want to eat it, though. 🙂

Flavorful, well balanced and pleasingly mild, our Colombia Supremo from the Huila region of Colombia is an all time favorite. You're sure to love our Colombian coffee.

As in other countries the most significant player in coffee flavor is the coffee processing method. After coffee processing, more subtle nuances due to regional characteristics can take over. There are several distinct coffee growing regions in Brazil, each large enough to be their own country and distinct enough to be considered so.

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