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publication date:2018-01-06 09:36.

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Coffee Enema Kit/Supplies | Organic Enema Coffee for Sale

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The enema series is the most optimal way to cleanse the colon and promote healing. It consists of three enemas, taken one after the other, each with a different solution.

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This 7-quart enema bucket kit comes with a colon tube for a deeper cleanse, made-for-enema coffee, and Super Salve.

Product Details:
Capacity : l.
Power : 655 Watt
Color Steenless Steel Silver
Dimensions : 95 X 78 X 79 cm

HealthWise has thousands of satisfied customers and is currently the #6 ranked Low-Acid Swiss Water decaf coffee in the world.

We offer ground and whole bean enema coffee and several coffee enema kits that are easy to use and latex-free. Our coffee enema kits include a complete home enema system with enema bag or bucket, enema tubing, enema nozzle, enema lubricant, and a downloadable "How to Take an Enema" booklet. Our coffee enema kits also include a downloadable "Large-Volume Enema" video. (Please read our download instructions here before purchasing your kit.)

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HealthWise Boasts a higher number of beneficial vitamins, minerals and micronutrients when compared to traditional coffee.

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