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We’d like to make it quite clear here that we are not encouraging you to use non-Keurig pods in your pride and joy. We’re simply here to help you out if you’ve already made the decision to road-test some other coffee pods in your brewing system but you’re not sure how to go about it.

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For example, even the coarse grind, isn’t coarse in the traditional sense, and overall it is designed for espresso. Grind size adjustment offers utility to those who like to experiment and see what grind sizes tastes best for different drinks. For beginners who want to pull out delicious shots of espresso, keep the grind size fine.

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On the top, you find a plastic cup warmer, which uses heat from the boiler to warm up you cups. Space is enough for two average sized mugs or three small cups.

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The obvious con with the machine is the housing. It is made of plastic and for such a premium appliance it is disappointing.

All things considered, the BV6955TS is a strong and steady machine that belies its simple appearance. Don't be fooled by its compact size or non-showy design. It has a lot to offer underneath its surface.

In this detailed review, we cover the areas where the K695 hits the bull’s-eye, where it falters, and who should go for this.

A coffee maker is a great acquisition if you get it for the right price and with a suitable array of features. You should also keep an eye on the material it’s made of, to make sure that you won’t have to change it after a couple of months.

The K755 lacks the temperature control and auto-brew settings which are found in K975 and K575, but unless you are a hardcore coffee lover, these features don’t offer much value.

These avid exercisers appreciate the proper fuel to keep going all day. One of the best new places for a pour-over, French press, or cold brew is Dark Horse Coffee Roasters in Normal Heights, run by a Hawaiian transplant who grew up surrounded by coffee fields. San Diegans are proud of their well-ranked craft beers, too. And since you need something to while away the time until happy hour, Point Loma microbrewery and tasting room Modern Times Beer has started roasting and selling coffee beans like a Red Wine Barrel-Aged Ethiopian Derar Ela.

Making it to the top two is the Cuisinart 67 cup maker. Tired of making small rounds? Make 67 cups at a time. All its cool features have made it second highest rated coffee maker on our list.

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