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Though, you can feel some discomforts if you have a low sperm count such as pain or low sex drive. You can even have swelling or bulges on your testicles.

Ayurvedic Formulas for Digestion, Assimilation, and

Respected sir, I am 85 years old. And I married before 7 years. Earlier everything was o. K. But now last 6 months I have all the problems relating to sex, within seconds I discharge, lack of sex, erctile problems, it is requested to your good self kindly suggest me what to do ,. I want life long effect without any side effects.

Nerve Weakness- Types, Causes, Symptoms & Herbal Remedies

thanks for your suggestion sir,
I am very happy that this medicine is realy can see the results within 6month. so I want to start low sperm count course plzz suggest when should I start this course as I am taking all in package also.

Ayurvedic Herbal Medicine and its Relation to Chinese

This medicine contains rejuvenating and revitalizing ingredients which can improve erection strength and enhance overall sexual performance. If you feel that your penis length is not adequate, we have another package the helps in achieving penis enlargement. While working on an underdeveloped penis, the ingredients of this package improve blood circulation to the groin, increasing the size of the male organ and the testosterone production as well.

Being a married women I can understand your questions fully. I am a married women and have 7 daughters. After my first daughter I took NOFAT medicine (because I had to attend a wedding). I was able to lose around 65 kgs in 8 months. After that I conceived again and after 6 months of breastfeeding I started taking NOFAT again. Guess what I was back to my previous figure again.

Brahmi effectively improves memory, recollection and retention of things. It calms down the mind and also treats anxiety, hallucination. Brahmi contains an active protein molecule bacoside B which strengthens nervous system and nourishes the brain. Brahmi has a positive effect on cognitive functions. Being an antioxidant brahmi protects the neural oxidative stress and stimulates brain's own chemicals that protect neurons from damaging. Brahmi contains bacoside A which protects the areas of the brain responsible for serotonin uptake and balances the neurotransmitter. Brahmi may help balance dopamine levels and stabilize certain chemicals in the brain.

Sir, I am 77 years of age past years I used to smoke drink alot coming to point now I have all the problems relating to sex, within seconds I discharge, lack of sex, erctile problems, next year am gng to married, so it is requested to your good self kindly suggest me what to do and I gone through all ur medicine all in one package, my question is also that if I used all in one package for months after that same problems will come or not kindly suggest waiting for your good reply

From this experience I can definitely tell you that NOFAT will not cause any problems in getting pregnant. It will only help you!

Plz help me I want to know about nofat pills when we will stop taking these then there can be weight regain again or any other side effect, is it completely safe of this nofat pills plz reply

There is no end to the variety and usefulness of Ayurvedic herbs and home remedies for children. Most herbs are safe and very effective when used skillfully, constitutionally, and in appropriate doses. Before resorting to stronger herbal based medicines it is best to use whole foods and simple herbs and spices. Often times less is more and the right medicine in small amounts can do wonders. Therefore, achieving doshic balance, promoting healthy habits, and strengthening immunity and agni in early childhood can set the foundation for optimal growth and development, and overall health in the future.

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